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  • 20th Century Papers

    Launched alongside Little Greene’s latest paint collection ‘Blue,’ ‘20th Century Papers’ is a compendium book of coordinating twentieth century wallpapers, specially selected from historic archives, including original documents at the recently named ‘Museum of the Year’ Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery and private collections; all of them researched, reworked and re-coloured by Little Greene.

    Comprising twelve authentic patterns from as early as the turn of the century to as late as 1976, this book includes timeless designs from several key periods, notably the post-war revival of the 1950s and the ensuing decades, renowned for their design flair and creative dynamism.

    The collection also features new colourways of existing Little Greene designs and one new wallpaper design from the Whitworth archives.

    The new paper in the collection, ‘Zingara’ originates from a John Line collection produced in 1960. Available in three colourways, the ‘Cerulean Sea’ colourway is completely faithful to the document found in the Whitworth wallpaper archive. The elegant freehand line quality of the original drawing serves additional charm to this relaxed scene of boats resting at anchor. For a contemporary twist, the paper can be used with ‘Jack Black’ trims.

    Zingara Cerluean Sea, Jack Black 119

    Existing wallpaper design ‘Camellia’ is a moody tree and petal damask effect floral on a silken background, this paper of oriental origin has been recoloured in three bold colourways, including a striking blue with ancient provenance, giving it a distinctly contemporary feel. Pared with ‘Smalt’ from the ‘Blue’ collection the combination is perfect for matching skirting boards and door frames.

    Camellia Smalt, Smalt 255

    From the hand-printed ‘Apsley Collection’ by John Line & Sons, this relaxed interpretation of an urban Hampstead scene is attributed to designer Els Calvetti. All the line detail is retained and even the original colourways of grey and blue have been accurately recreated for the 21st Century interior. Combined with ‘Celestial Blue’, the relaxed style of the print and soothing tones emanate a calming effect.

    Hampstead Penumbra, Celestial Blue 101

    To browse ‘20th Century Papers,’ visit

  • Up for Upcycling


    Embedded image permalink Chair in Little Greene Mister David. Photo by Celia Lacy (@celialacy)

    Rather than lusting after ready-made, new furniture pieces for your home, why not utilise your DIY skills and upcycle an original, customised piece that reflects your personal style.

    Little Greene offers a range of finishes to transform unloved furniture with a carefully chosen change of colour, reinventing items and transforming them into updated, bespoke pieces:

    Water Based Finishes

    • Intelligent Eggshell is completely washable, making it the perfect finish for items of furniture. It is virtually odourless and child-safe too, so is ideal for use in the family home.
    • Intelligent Gloss is a tough, fully washable paint with a high sheen. It is an environmentally friendly and hardwearing alternative to oil-based gloss for interior or exterior use.

    Oil Based Finishes

    • Traditional Oil Eggshell is a low odour, traditional oil-based paint with a low sheen finish that resists moisture, staining and general wear and tear.
    • Traditional Oil Gloss is a low odour, traditional oil-based paint with a very durable, classic high gloss finish.

    How to paint a piece of wooden furniture:

    1. Choose a colour to complement the scheme within your home or a stand-out shade that will create a bold, focal point in a room.
    1. If the wood has an existing paint finish: Remove all loose and flaking paintwork. Degrease with a suitable detergent solution, such as sugar soap, followed by a clean water rinse. For bare wood, degrease and rinse with clean water before following step 3.
    1. To prepare the wood, rub down thoroughly with a medium grade sand paper to provide a defect free smooth surface, “feathering in” areas where paint has been removed. Make good any repairs, sand and apply the appropriate Little Greene undercoat to exposed surface as appropriate.
    1. Leave to dry for 4 hours.
    1. To achieve a hard-wearing matt finish with a gloss level that is under 5%, select a shade of Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion to refresh tired wood.
    1. Make sure you are using the correct brush, there are two types of brush – Synthetic and Natural, both of which behave very differently with different coatings. Synthetic bristles are very hard wearing with good bristle and shape retention properties. It is generally accepted that a high quality synthetic bristled brush will last up to 5 times longer than a natural bristled brush. When applying a water based paint, a high quality, synthetic bristled brush should be used. Natural bristles are structured so that they will absorb and retain the uptake of paint, ideal for application of more traditional, solvent based paints.
    1. Apply two coats of paint to the furniture, leaving 4 hours after the first application before applying the second coat
    1. Whilst the furniture will be touch dry in 4 hours, we advise that any furniture should be given seven days to dry completely before being moved or used.

    If you have any upcycling queries, our Chief Chemist is available to answer your questions. Simply use the hashtag #littlegreenepaintclinic and we’ll get back to you.

    If you’ve used Little Greene in one of your upcycling projects, we would love to see. You can send us images on Facebook and Twitter to inspire others to get creative.

    For more information visit:


  • The Intelligent Choice

    Offering an unrivalled combination of strength and beauty, Little Greene’s range of Intelligent paints offer a comprehensive selection of water-based products available in breakthrough, durable finishes suitable for use in the busiest of kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas.

    The collection comprises of ‘Intelligent Matt Emulsion’, ‘Intelligent Eggshell,’ ‘Intelligent Gloss”, ‘Intelligent Primer Undercoat’ and the latest addition to the range, ‘Intelligent Exterior Eggshell’ ensuring that you can always achieve the perfect finish.

    In addition to low-odour application and quick drying time, the paints are also certified as Child Safe making them suitable for use in all areas of the family home.

    Our Intelligent range has been specifically designed to withstand everyday family living and all the paints in the collection are completely washable, protecting your walls from marks and stains.

    Our Intelligent paints are:

    - Environmentally friendly

    - Water-based

    - Allow for Brush or roller application

    - Washable

    - Extremely tough

    - Dry in 2-4 hours

    - Suitable for use on all surfaces – walls, woodwork & radiators

    - Can also be used on exterior surfaces

    The Intelligent range is available in all 191 Little Greene colours and can be purchased in the below finishes:

    Intelligent Matt Emulsion

    A totally matt, yet completely washable alternative to a traditional emulsion paint.

    Intelligent Eggshell

    3 - Hicks' Blue Hicks' Blue Units in Hicks Blue (

    A low- sheen finish that is ideal for woodwork and walls where total washability is required making it perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens.
    Intelligent Gloss

    1 - Mister David Open Front Door Mister David Open Front Door Front door in Mister David (

    A quick drying finish with a brilliant high gloss, ideal for use on trims.

    Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

    7 - Potting Shed Potting Shed Shed in Juniper Ash ( Intelligent Primer Undercoat


    A self-priming, low sheen finish for use on exterior woodwork.

    A combined primer and undercoat, available in the full colour range to provide the perfect surface preparation.

    We are currently running a Paint Clinic on our Facebook page. Whether you have a query about washability or how to choose the correct finish, our Chief Chemist is here to answer your questions. Simply comment on our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you.

    For more information visit the Little Greene website.


    To showcase our new capsule collection ‘Blue’, guests from the French press were invited to view an installation of mannequins each painted in one of the 21 new colours.

    Hanging on the walls was our brand new wallpaper design ‘Zingara’ a striking line drawing of boats resting at anchor, derived from a John Line collection in the Whitworth Archive. This paper together with a selection of the most popular designs from three previous collections makes up a new compendium of ‘20th Century Papers’ that will be launched alongside the new colour card in the autumn. Existing designs have been re-mastered to harmonise with the ‘Blue’ paint range.



    Artists, Copearts created a bespoke structure that became the room’s focal point. Comprising of various car and bike parts, the piece drew inspiration from rotary mechanisms to portray the act of movement.

    Artist Olivier Dumas said:

    “We made a few sculptures and our goal was to combine heavy parts with movement which is quite poetic. The friend that I work with is a painter and I am more technical so combined, we created this. We were surprised by the end result.”


    “I love Ultra Blue because it’s great whatever the light. You get the same colour in any condition. We like the way that Little Greene paint covers and it is a great paint even on metal.”


    Guests sampled suitably-coloured blue smoothies and macarons whilst browsing inspirational images and a preview of the new paint and wallpapers.



    The Blue collection is available from the 21st September 2015.

  • Showroom Focus - Robert Paul



    Name – Robert Paul

    Title – Showroom Manager

    Little Greene Showroom – Marylebone

    I have been at the Little Greene showroom since its launch a year ago. I studied fashion and business at Manchester Metropolitan University and then continued to work in fashion for the next 14 years. For the last 7 years, I have been an artist too. I’ve always had a keen interest in colour and textiles and have been drawn to it from a very young age. Over the last 5 years I have worked mostly on the interior design of luxury properties, so for me it was a natural progression to my role here at Little Greene.

    Putting colour on the wall is like adding another layer to a room. Fashion is always very fast and transitional and art is more sensory. You can always choose not to look at art but wall colour is something that needs to be secure and stable within the home. Colour always needs to be something that is right for the customer. When something is on the wall it needs to make you feel good whatever mood you are in and I find that opens up some really interesting dialogue.

    Colour can be a minefield. At Little Greene we’re able to help the customer through the decision making process. It’s always good to discuss all options and add some creativity so the customer can then move their project forward. It’s nice to see someone leave the showroom inspired because you've helped them and essentially you’re helping to create their future.


    Day to day, my job is really good fun. The customers are lovely and people come into the showroom for a reason. They want to understand colour and get advice on their own colour choices. We deal with all colour queries and also offer colour consultancies in the customer’s home or in the showroom.

    Someone once said to me that they thought Little Greene was the ‘thinking man’s paint.’ I can offer the customer an engaging environment to allow them to discuss colour and each member of our team has an individual style which is always important. Above all, we focus on what the customer feels is right for their environment.


    I gain inspiration from a variety of sources but one of my favourite architects is Luis Barragán. I really love bold colours and opposing angles with different scales and proportions and I like mixing colours together. I’ve never been great with rules and I think they exist to either be broken or explored. I have an eclectic taste and whilst I like the idea of mixing colours, when it comes to my own space I use neutral tones and tend to use texture to add atmosphere.

    My favourite era is the 60’s and early 70’s. I mix this with my artistic and fashion background and also use inspiration from my British and Persian heritage. I think all those elements coupled together give me the sensibility to be able to create different schemes.


    I have my own top 3 favourite Little Greene colours. I love Marine Blue for its Mad Men style and its ability to be mixed with vintage and amber to create a retro feel. Light Peachblossom is lovely because it’s so soft and romantic and I like Gentle Sky because it’s bold and has a Michelangelo artistic vibe to it.

    My role as the Marylebone Showroom Manager fulfils all the creative needs that I have and I feel really proud to work for the company. I like being able to inspire people through my job, whether it’s my team or the customer. I get satisfaction from going the extra mile for the Little Greene customer, it’s nice when someone writes in to let you know that you’ve really influenced their choice of colours.

  • Take Flight With Little Greene Wallpapers

    Gt Ormond St - Verditure


    Another wallpaper that celebrates the intricate colours and movement of the great outdoors is our Crowe Hall Lane in Charme. A large-scale, late 19th century wallpaper with a bold pattern of exotic birds and flowers. The paper had originally been used in a curving stairwell in Crowe Hall, a Suffolk manor house where the vertical nature of the trailing pattern emphasised the height of the room. It is likely to have been hung around the turn of the century and was recovered during extensive conservation work to the house much later. The wallpaper can be paired with French Grey (113) and Pale Lime (70) to create a gentle dash of colour that almost makes the birds flutter from the wall.

    Crowe Hall Lane


    Visit for more wallpaper inspiration.

  • All For Florals

    Nothing says Spring more than a carefully selected vase of fresh blooms clipped straight from the garden.

    The full effect of a beautifully arranged bouquet can quite often seem far too short lived but you can continue to appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers by drawing focus to a floral print wallpaper in your home.

    09 Bouquet Bonbon


    From the archives of the recently renovated Whitworth Art Gallery, Little Greene’s wallpaper, Bouquet originates from a collection by celebrated wallpaper manufacturer John Line & Sons. The print embodies the 1950’s freedom of expression and palpable spirit of adventure. The loose freehand lines used on the paper are typical of the time. The bouquets depict blossoming tulips, lily of the valley and the arching stems of Solomon’s seal.

    11 - Grosvenor Street-Alchemy


    Delving further back into the archives uncovers the early 19th century hand-blocked wallpaper, Grosvenor Street. The paper was the last but one in a ‘sandwich’ of 17 layers of wallpaper taken from this property; a prize artefact in the English Heritage archive and one which singlehandedly documents a period of over a hundred years of historic wallpaper from one site. The wallpaper features a bold trailing floral print on a pin-print honeycomb background.

    07 - Carlisle Street - Metal


    The calming Carlisle Street offers a more neutral approach to toned down florals. The original wallpaper that inspired this design, found at a property in Carlisle Street in Soho, London, is actually a much more complex pattern than the design we have extracted from it. By removing the solid stripes and extraneous leaf trail, we are left with a wallpaper that achieves all-over pattern and an elegant stripe at the same time. Using traditional surface-printing methods, which originally would have applied paint rather than ink, the production of Carlisle Street reflects very closely that used in preceding centuries: it also gives it a delightfully tactile feel and slightly textured appearance.

    For more wallpaper designs and inspiration visit the Little Greene website.

  • Grey

    Little Greene presenteert “GREY”, een eenvoudige naam voor een veelzijdige kleurenkaart.
    De collectie van deze - voor velen - favoriete kleur bevat “The Look” van dit decennium; vier kleurenvariaties, elk in zeven nuances van intensiteit. “GREY” zal op de Decorex – London geïntroduceerd worden in september 2013 en verkrijgbaar zijn bij alle Little Greene dealers vanaf 1 oktober 2013.

    Scree 227

    Grijs staat aan de basis van historische decoratie en blijft een tijdloze signatuur voor een eigentijds interieur. De eerste decoratieve verfmonsters, onderdeel van het English Heritage archief, bevatten tinten die alleen gebaseerd zijn op roet en ijzeroxide pigmenten. Deze subtiele grijstinten zijn te zien op de muren van mooie statige kamers, herenhuizen en belangrijke industriële gebouwen in Europa.

    Modernistische architectuur heeft de kleuren wit en grijs omarmd. Deze kleuren zorgen voor een achtergrond, waarop het samenspel van licht, textuur, contrasten en accentkleuren, die inherent zijn aan de hedendaagse interieurs, het beste tot zijn recht komt.

    Lamp Black 228  Loft White 222 Lamp Black 228
    Loft White 222

    “GREY” is een collectie van verschillende tinten grijs, van de zachtste (bijna wit) tot aan donkere kleuren met houtskool en bruin-blauw accenten. Dit pallet van grijstinten wordt geformuleerd vanuit vier in de natuur voorkomende pigmenten, t.w. Verdigris, Umber, Oker en Rood Oxide. Deze worden al eeuwenlang gebruikt om harmonieuze, evenwichtige en rustige interieurs te creëren. De kleurnamen geven een goed beeld van de kleuren, b.v. Wood Ash, Down, Ceviche, Rubine Ashes, Cool Arbour, Scree, Furrow, Toad en Chimney Brick.

    Loft White 222 Urbane Grey 225 Lamp Black 228 Trumpet 196 Loft White 222
    Urbane Grey 225
    Lamp Black 228
    Trumpet 196
    Grey Teal 226 Inox 224 Grey Teal 226
    Inox 224

    David Mottershead, Managing Director van Little Greene, is blij met de nieuwe kleuren van het bedrijf: “We always relish the prospect of researching new shades to add to our already comprehensive collection of colours. This time it was so obvious – grey, grey and more grey! We already sell many neutral shades, but it’s very clear that both fashion and interiors are embracing the wonderful nuances of grey. We wanted to give our customers even more choice…and we are extremely glad we did! ‘Grey’ contains something for everyone!”

    Walls (from front to back): Toad 235, Serpentine 233 & Fescue 231 Walls (from front to back): Toad 235, Serpentine 233 & Fescue 231

    De 28 kleuren van de kleurenkaart “GREY” zijn verkrijgbaar in alle Little Greene verfkwaliteiten. De kleurstalen op de kleurenkaarten zijn beschilderd met de verfkwaliteit Absolute Matt Emulsion, zodat de kleur en de matheid gelijk zijn aan de verf in het blik.

    Little Greene verf is verkrijgbaar via een netwerk van exclusieve Little Greene dealers.

    Voor persinformatie, beeldmateriaal, samples en kleurenkaarten kunt u contact opnemen met:

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