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    The kitchen is the heart of the family home. Utilise colour to create a vibrant, inspiring space to reflect your interior style. Be bold with dark shades or produce a simple, neutral scheme with a highlight of colour.

    Confetti and Lamp Black combine for this delicate, contemporary scheme.
    The Aquamarine Colour Scales Family provides varying strengths of the same pigment for a coordinated look.
    A simple monochromatic contrast using Lamp Black and Loft White brings an element drama to this modern kitchen.
    Pair Light Peachblossom and Grey Teal for a muted, feminine finish.
    Brooke House - Cinder is complemented by Serpentine and Ceviche with Grey Moss units.
    David Hicks, one of the most important designers of the 60's and 70's, used powerful colours in combination to dramatic effect. Besides domestic projects for English aristocracy, Hicks also worked on many commercial projects and used this 'Hicks' Blue' in the restaurant at the top of the London Telecom Tower in 1962.

    Browse the full colour palette here:

  • The Little Greene Award 2018


    Little Greene celebrated Regent’s University’s End of Year Exhibition by presenting the Little Greene Award, where students showcased their final project work.

    The private viewing of the exhibition took place at Squire & Partners on 2nd May where their final projects were displayed for visitors to view.

    Our Showroom Manager, Robert Paul and Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck were impressed by the high standard of work presented and the variation of innovative concepts on display.

    Left to right: Robert Paul, Jenny Luck, Laoura Engelzou, Azure Lamusse

    Interior Design Course Leader, Laoura Englezou was proud of the winning design, chosen for its use of style, its concept and ability to encapsulate the influence of the surrounding area.

    The project, ReliGIN, created by final year student Azure Lamusse, aimed to take users through a gin themed journey, using interior design and exploring interlocking volumes by utilising copper, a material used in the distillation process.

    Little Greene Award 2018

    Little Greene Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck said: “I felt that the winning presentation by Azure was very user friendly and the customer journey was well thought through. I liked how she brought a touch of style to an area, neighbouring the city and the fashionable east London, along with offering a popular beverage of choice for city slickers.”

    She added: “Azure had thought about incorporating a laboratory where the flavours of the gins would be created. I could see this space really taking off as a tourist attraction and generating interest to the location.”

    Little Greene Award 2018

    Laoura was impressed with the hard work showcased at the exhibition, saying: “We’re really, really proud of our students and the hard work they’ve put in this year – both our final year students with their final major project, and our second year students for doing this amazing work and building the end of year exhibition.”

    Mark Eley, Head of Programmes for Fashion and Design, added: “On this very special night for our final year students, we wish the graduating students every success. Now that they are industry ready, they can go out into this world and conquer their dreams with a toolkit that I hope we have enabled them to have. I hope within this group, we will see the future stars of the design industry.”


  • Finch London- Blush Kitchen


    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London

    Finch London presented a kitchen design featuring our 'Blush' paint shade at Grand Designs Live from the 5th-13th May at the Excel in London.

    The design won 'Interior Room Set - Best Design 2018.'

    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London
    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London
    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London

    Combined with vibrant greenery, 'Blush' is a muted, rosy tone which creates a strong statement within any interior without being too overbearing.





    Little Greene - National Trust

    Met trots kondigt de Britse verf- en behangfabrikant Little Greene een gloednieuwe samenwerking aan met National Trust voor de productie van verf. Deze charitatieve instelling draagt zorg voor het behoud van meer dan 500 plaatsen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, die van historisch belang zijn of een natuurlijke schoonheid bezitten. Waaronder ook de belangrijkste historische interieurs in Engeland, Wales en Noord-Ierland. National Trust biedt Little Greene hiermee een unieke mogelijkheid om zich te verdiepen in een prestigieuze en eclectische mix van decoratieve stijlen.
    Onderzoek naar een nieuwe verfcollectie, geïnspireerd op National Trust kleuren, is al in gang gezet. Little Greene verwacht inspiratie te vinden in alle vormen en kleurschakeringen van beroemde entreehallen en populaire dinerzalen tot vergeten buitenhuizen en verborgen gangen. Het doel is om een reeks verfkleuren te creëren, die werkelijk alle belangrijke historische perioden vertegenwoordigt, en de bijzondere verhalen te vertellen waarop deze kleuren geïnspireerd zijn.
    Little Greene’s Managing Director, David Mottershead, is heel erg enthousiast over de nieuwe samenwerking: “Little Greene en National Trust hebben een wezenlijke synergie: conservering, restauratie en heruitvinden liggen beide organisaties nauw aan het hart. National Trust bewaart eeuwen aan erfgoed ten bate van toekomstige generaties; een sentiment dat weerklinkt in Little Greene’s benadering met betrekking tot de herontdekking en het gebruik van historische kleuren en patronen in de 21e eeuw.” Clare Brown, Head of Brand Licensing bij National Trust, is ook erg verheugd: “Wij zijn heel blij met deze nieuwe verbintenis, die ervoor zorgt dat historisch erfgoed terugkeert in moderne interieurs. Deze samenwerking biedt een andere
    fantastische manier om ons te ondersteunen bij het behoud van historische plaatsen, zodat iedereen er van kan blijven genieten.”

    Van elk verkocht Little Greene verfblik zal een bijdrage worden overgemaakt naar National Trust ter ondersteuning van hun werkzaamheden. Toekomstige generaties kunnen zo blijven genieten van historisch erfgoed. Daarnaast zal Little Greene de behoud- en restauratiewerkzaamheden van National Trust ondersteunen door verf te doneren, om daarmee weer kleur en leven te geven aan de meest geliefd panden en parken van het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
    Historische kleuren voor moderne interieurs
    “We kunnen niet wachten om enkele van de meest gekoesterde huizen van National Trust te verkennen, de kleurenschema’s te ontdekken en de verhalen over deze grote huizen en hun vroegere bewoners te achterhalen”, aldus David Mottershead. Little Greene’s Head of Design, Andy Greenall, voegt toe:
    “De authenticiteit en integriteit van onze historische referenties zijn van werkelijk belang. Net zoals bij onze behangpatronen, voortkomend uit onze aanhoudende samenwerking met het English Heritage archief, helpt een verfkleurenonderzoek in samenwerking met National Trust onze academische status te versterken en kunnen wij een bijdrage blijven leveren aan hedendaagse interieurs.”
    Alle Little Greene verfblikken, kleurenkaarten en marketingmaterialen hebben vanaf nu ook het National Trust logo.


  • Münchner Stoff Frühling


    Our new Munich showroom participated in Münchner Stoff Frühling, an annual Spring event for showrooms in the heart of the city.

    Little Greene Munich Showroom


    Over 30 showrooms presented their new collections, creating an exhibition of the latest in interior design from March 16th-19th 2018.


    Little Greene Munich Showroom
    Little Greene Munich Showroom


    The Little Greene showroom invited guests to browse our latest wallpaper collection, 'Archive Trails II' and explore it's new surroundings featuring a mesmerising colour wall which spans the length of the store.

    Thank you to everyone who visited throughout the exhibition.



  • Celebrating the launch of the new Munich Showroom...


    Munich Showroom Manager, Petra and Colour Consultant, Gabi

    The new Little Greene showroom in Munich celebrated its launch with an evening of colour, live music and traditional English fish and chips.

    Munich Showroom Launch


    Munich Showroom Launch
    Munich Showroom Launch

    The new showroom features a full wall of colour cubes, and Little Greene colour tools to help guests to select the perfect shades for their project.

    Little Greene Managing Director, David Mottershead and Marketing Director, Ruth Mottershead
    Munich Showroom Launch

    The Munich showroom will also provide an at-home colour consultancy service for those struggling with selecting shades or concerned about colour combinations. Our Munich team of professionally trained consultants will guide you through choosing the best colours, finishes and wallpapers to bring beauty and personality to your home décor.

    The showroom is located:

    Westenriederstr. 47, 80331
    Tel: +49.89.5506.5757

    Thank you to everyone who attended the launch!

  • Introducing The Little Book of Colour


    The Little Book of Colour


    For a more hands-on approach to interior design, you can now order a copy of our new colour tool, the 'Little Book of Colour.'
    Described by MD David Mottershead as “colour consultancy in your pocket”, the Little Book of Colour will hold your hand, whether simply selecting the right ceiling colour or designing a fully coordinating, confident and personal scheme. Homeowners wanting to create a calm, harmonious interior can refer to each colour’s ‘related whites’ and ‘related neutrals’.

    The Pigment Guide identifies the key raw ingredients within each shade and illustrates whites and neutrals with common pigmentation, creating proven combinations that are scientifically guaranteed to work.

    Moreover, a selection of ‘coordinating colours’ is shown; these shades are tonally-related and serve to give depth to a room scheme, without being overpowering. For the more confident designer, ‘contrasting accents’ are also suggested for adding highlights to schemes, alongside ‘related dark’ hues to achieve drama and impact.
    David Mottershead admits, “Colour runs through my veins but, just like everyone else, I have indecisive moments when picking colour combinations from the comprehensive array we have on offer. We’ve produced this guide to imbue our customers with a confidence in the colour combinations they are instinctively drawn to – and to find the courage to use combinations they might not otherwise have thought of!”


  • Coming soon, Archive Trails II...


    Brooke House - Cinder


    Little Greene launches Archive Trails II, a beguiling compendium of archive floral wallpapers.

    We continue our quest for authentic archive wallpaper designs, adapting patterns and colour palettes to suit 21st century living. Our latest range, Archive Trails II, will be launched at Paris Déco-Off in January 2018.

    Much like its highly successful predecessor, Archive Trails, this sequel collection comprises patterns drawn from a range of archive material, including precious remnants discovered and conserved by English Heritage and Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery. Exhumed and reimagined by a talented team of artists and historians, working closely with the Little Greene Studio, the designs have been judiciously re-coloured and their scale subtly adjusted to fit effortlessly into the 21st century interior.

    Spanning a period from the early-18th to mid-20th centuries, the eight designs in Archive Trails II represent a spectrum of printing methods throughout that time, united by themes of freely-flowing flora and occasional fauna.

    As is customary with Little Greene’s wallpapers, each design has prescribed its own print techniques, including tactile surface print and shimmering mica grounds, to achieve a timeless surface finish of the highest quality.


    Asterid - Lantern


    Asterid (c.1964)
    Unlike most of the source material for Little Greene wallpapers, this design is not drawn from a conventional pattern but rather is a reinterpretation of a fine illustrative painting from the mid-20th century. It represents the high-society trend for hand-painted murals, which were the precursor to commercial wallpapers. The fine detail of the original painting, combined with an ability to print this as a three-panel design, provides a cleverly repeating floral trail with the sensibility and touch of a fine artist. Available in four colourways.


    Brooke House - Cinder


    Brooke House (c.1922)

    Found by English Heritage at Brooke House in Hackney, the document from which this pattern was drawn is identified as 1920s in origin, notably because of the way it had been printed: a ‘gravure’ technique, which only became commercially viable after the turn of the last century. In fact, the design is likely to have been copied from a much earlier paper and the five colourways have been made using the rather more painterly, textural surfaceprint technique which is more typical of the older, original wallpaper.


    Crowe Hall Lane - Gilt

    Crowe Hall Lane (c.1898)
    A large-scale, late-19th century wallpaper with a bold pattern of exotic birds and flowers. The paper had been used in a curving stairwell in Crowe Hall, a Suffolk manor house where the vertical nature of the trailing pattern emphasised the height of the room. It is likely to have been hung around the turn of the century and was recovered during extensive conservation work to the house much later. This design is an existing and much-admired part of the Little Greene portfolio; it is available in three new colourways as well as four existing ones.


    Loriini - Jasper


    Loriini (c.1935)
    A surface-printed design featuring exotic Lory birds and oriental blossom, which has been inspired by a charismatic 20th century piece held by the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. The exotic subject matter and almost symmetrical repeat are typical of 1930s designs and reflect the aspirations of travel to distant lands and a show of wealth to visitors to the house. Although recoloured for today’s home, the selected colourways bear testament to the use of bright colours, commonplace in the 1930s, and the Lory may have been chosen as a subject on these grounds alone! Available in five colourways.


    Monroe - Night Flower


    Monroe (c.1867)
    The second paper in this collection taken from Brooke House in Hackney, East London. For a long period, Brooke House was home to a private hospital and this design takes its name from one of its significant 19th century owners: a Dr John Monroe. The pattern is recreated from a relatively small remnant found by English Heritage before the house was pulled down in the 1950s. It is undoubtedly inspired by the Art & Crafts Movement and its familiarity would have been used to help hospital patients feel comfortable and aid their recovery. Available in five


    Woodblock Mono - Knightsbridge


    Woodblock Mono (c.1735)
    Created through the simplification and reduction of the larger ‘Woodblock Trail’ paper and represents the trend throughout the ages for varying the scales of designs to create different visual effects. Rather more delicate, and infinitely usable in a smaller space, this monochrome version is available in five colourways.


    Woodblock Trail - Union


    Woodblock Trail (c.1735)
    An early block print design, the original paper once adorned the walls of a ground floor room, most probably a dining room, in a historic house in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Its simple graphic elements are typical of a design that would have been cut from wood and applied by hand with the assistance of a suspended block press. Although the application of several print colours required the dedication and accuracy of a master craftsman, wallpaper as decoration at this time was the preserve of the privileged few and, as such, expensive statement designs were in higher demand than cheaper alternatives. Available in four colourways.


    Wrest Trail - Pink Plaster


    Wrest Trail (c.1848)
    Derived from an interesting piece in the English Heritage Archive, this design is particularly noteworthy for the style of drawing used to create the all-over trail effect. A structured, wandering stem is adorned by rather relaxed, almost sketch-like interpretations of leaves and fruit. At a glance, it is more mid-20th century in style than its actual origin of a hundred years earlier. Available in five colourways.

    David Mottershead, MD of Little Greene enthuses: “From watching fragments of fragile, antique wallpapers come to life from the archives, journeying through the hands of the artist and, after an intricate process of research and re-colouring, to see them rolling off the printing press is akin to alchemy. Our team of experts works in that very special place between trend and tradition to create rejuvenated, re-energised wallpapers – designed with today’s interiors in mind but with one foot still proudly rooted in heritage and tradition.”

    ‘Archive Trails II’ will be available nationally and internationally through Little Greene’s network of distributors, as well as via mail and phone order and online at

  • Your Invitation To The Confetti Ball...


    The Monastery

    Join Little Greene at The Monastery in Manchester for a three course dinner, dancing and charity auction on Friday 16th March 2018.

    Every October, we commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating 15p from every tin of paint and roll of wallpaper sold throughout the month to Breast Cancer Haven, a charity that is very close to our hearts.

    Breast Cancer Haven provide the emotional, physical and practical support that treatment alone can’t - their services include holistic therapies and advice on combating stress, healthy eating and exercise in an environment that is as far away from a hospital as you can imagine.

    We are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help Breast Cancer Haven to continue to provide their invaluable services to those whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

    The ‘Confetti Ball’ is an opportunity to come together to commemorate the work they do and raise as much money as possible for such a fantastic cause.

    ‘The Monastery’ in Manchester will provide a wonderful setting for an evening of dinner and dancing with a live band in a beautiful venue.

    To register your interest simply email: or contact our Customer Service Team on 0161 230 0880.


  • One Square Club - Tom Pope


    Artist, Tom Pope has created One Square Club, the most exclusive private members' club in the world.

    The club measures one square metre and offers facilities including a bar and live music events.

    Tom Pope

    There is only ever one member at the One Square Club with membership lasting for just one day.

    Tom Pope

    The artist selected Little Greene paint and wallpaper for the exclusive club, using Paradise - Nightshade, Basalt, Orange Aurora and Marigold. 

    Tom Pope

    Based in Central London, the club is built in a wooden shipping crate that has the capability to travel the world.

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