Inspiring Green Schemes


Green is the true colour of nature, one that we feel comfortable with in the home. It is a shade that we associate with the tranquility of the outdoors. From earthy, muted tones such as ‘Boringdon Green' and 'Ambleside' to the bold brightness of 'Sage & Onions' these shades are both elegant and reassuring.


Bold And Beautiful


Marlborough - Glacé, Sage & Onions




'Sage & Onions,' the surprisingly bright green is the original colour of the garden gate at Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s farm in the Lake District, which features in The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck™. It adds an element of vibrancy and energy to this contemporary kitchen scheme, complemented by natural greenery.





Aquamarine - Mid, Ambleside



Utilise colour blocking to pair the muted tones of 'Ambleside' with the classic blend of blue green, 'Aquamarine - Mid.' Accompany with natural wood and rattan furnishings for a tranquil environment, perfect for bedrooms.



An Element Of Drama



Pique, Jewel Beetle, Chocolate Colour



These deep, sumptuous hues can be used as in all-over scheme to create immediate impact and warmth. Pair 'Jewel Beetle' with dark, rich shades such as 'Chocolate Colour' and use delicate, pale greens in place of white for ceilings and trim.



A Natural Pairing



Blush, Sir Lutyen's Sage, Invisible Green



Gentle pinks such as 'Blush' and 'Confetti' work alongside earthy greens to create an interior scheme that is inspired by nature.


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